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Sow Seeds is a small family business based in Cheshire and we love to garden & grow our all the seed varieties that we sell.

All the sowing information and growing tips you find on our website has been written by us from our own first hand experience (many small online seed companies are happy to copy this information from other websites).

Our passion for sowing is growing…

All our seeds are supplied in exclusive ‘Sow Seeds’ branded packaging which include a photo of each variety. The photos have been taken by ourselves in our garden of our own vegetables, herbs, flowers and chillies. Each variety has the sowing instructions on the packet, making it easier to take into the garden when sowing (the paper packets can be composted when you no longer need them).

Sow much more at Sow Seeds..

We also offer a great selection of Vegetable Seeds, Herb Seeds, Chilli Seeds, Cut Flower Seeds and Wildflower Seeds.

Visit www.sowseeds.co.uk to view the full range.

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