Red Clover Green Manure Seeds

Red Clover Green Manure Seeds


Red Clover Green Manure is a fast growing perennial Green Manure. It is the best variety of clover for fixing nitrogen from the air, weed suppression & improving soil structure.

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Red Clover Green Manure is a fast growing perennial Green Manure. It is the best variety of clover for fixing nitrogen from the air, weed suppression & improving soil structure.

The roots from Red Clover Green Manure penetrate deep into the soil and help to improve its structure by binding soils together (especially light ones) and this help against nutrients leaching in wet winters. The growing bulky foliage also helps to prevent soil erosion especially during winter and helps the soil to retain more moisture in summer/winter.

Red Clover Green Manure can be sown between April–September at a rate of 2-3g/sqm and can be left for 3-18 months. It is good at suppressing weeds as it grows bulky foliage that smothers weeds (give it a good start clearing the soil of all weeds first). The flowers are loved by bees and beneficial insects but cut down or dig in before setting seed.

Clover is part of the pea family and fixes nitrogen from the air in its root nodules. (These are the little pink nodes found on the roots of the legume family). When chopped up and dug into the soil the nitrogen store is released fairly quickly. If sown with a ‘nitrogen lifter’ like Italian Rye or Forage Rye the nitrogen will be released at a slower rate sometimes up to 6 months later so use will depend on when the following crop will be planted and the nitrogen needed. This is very important to large scale farmers and useful for small home/allotment growers. Sow clover before a brassicas in a crop rotation plan to release nitrogen to the following leafy greens.

Red Clover Green Manure has medicinal properties that are used in the treatment of ‘hot flushes’ as it contains chemicals that mimic the female sex hormone – oestrogen. It also helps in the control of eczema, whooping cough and even nappy creams. Do not try to make yourself – only buy proper propriety medicines.

When to Sow: April, May, June, July, August, September.
Growing period:
3-18 months.
Ideal Soil Type:
Good Loam or Sandy Soil.
Nitrogen fixer: Yes.
How to Sow:
Prepare the soil by roughly digging it over and removing any weeds. Lightly tread the soil, and then sow the seeds by broadcast sowing (i.e. scattering evenly) for good coverage. Rows can be sown but are not as good for weed suppression. Rake the soil and water well. In dry periods you may need to water until the green manure is established.
Care: Red Clover Green Manure should be cut down before flowering when the stems are nice and soft as they decompose quicker, retain more beneficial nutrients and are easier to incorporate into the soil. They can be dug into the soil by turning over into the top 15cms or left on the top as a mulch, the worms will drag down the organic matter and help to aerate the soil.
Sow Rate:
2 grams per square metre.
Pack Weight / Area:

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  1. Leslie Butterworth
    5 out of 5

    Review (verified owner)  –:

    I re-started using green manure last season after i was of the opinion that I had overdone the manuring in previous years. What with green manure and chicken pellets plus potato pellets, I can only say that this year my allotment has surpassed itself, with onions both from seed and sets,potatoes are all but perfect, collies with very little sign of club root,and I could go on.

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